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Affliates Policy

1.Who can become an affiliate and how much does it cost?

Most people are eligible to promoteMJTech. Sites will be rejected that promote illegal activities or that promote discrimination based on sex, race, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation. There is NO CHARGE to become aMJTechaffiliate.

2.Where can I advertise MJTech ecigs?

You can any of the supplied advertising materials located within theMJTechaffiliate system to advertiseMJTechon any site as long as it does not contain or promote illegal content.

3.How much do I get paid?

Affiliates will earn $??? on every rechargeable kit purchase each time a customer they refer buys from

4.When do I get paid?

Affiliate payments are processed and sent on the ???th of each month.

5.How do I get paid?

Monthly payments are made via Paypal.

6.Do I get paid every time one of my customers purchases replacement cartridges?

Yes, payouts are given on allMJTech kits.

7.Do charge backs get removed from my payout?

Yes, if an order is charged back or cannot be successfully processed you will not receive commission on that sale.

8.Where do I get links and banners from to promote MJTech?

Once you register and successfully become aMJTechaffiliate you will receive login details to the affiliate system where links and banners are contained for affiliate use.

9.How do I keep track of my sales and referrals?

EachMJTechlink on your site has a tracking code that records when a customer has clicked through to our site and has purchased. This transaction information is readily available within your account.