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Analysis of Current E Cig Consumption


Analysis of Current E Cig Consumption

According to the report from electronic cigarette online, recently, a news that WHO (World Health Organization) is planning to make electronic cigarette as tobacco products causes people’s concern. According to the report, WHO is mainly worried electronic cigarette nicotine levels, and the use of electronic cigarette would make the tobacco consumption “normal” again, this will make the law of anti-smoking invalid.

The representatives of WHO said that if the electronic cigarette has nicotine will be identified to tobacco products by the law. This definition applies to most of electronic cigarette companies, because their products involve liquid nicotine from tobacco, and being vapor inhale to human body after heating.

Once the plan is implemented, the electronic cigarette users will be rushed to the outdoor smoking just like the tobacco smokers. What’s worse, the electronic cigarette will face the advertising ban and high consumption tax as the ordinary cigarette.

What electronic cigarette encounter in foreign countries?

In Japan: it is in violation of the drugs act that anyone sells electronic cigarette involving nicotine.

The small shops and convenience stores which sell cigarette also sell the electronic cigarette in Japan. Some people say that they quit smoking successfully with electronic cigarette, but some other people say it is useless with electronic cigarette; on the contrary, they want to smoke the tobacco cigarette badly.

In Japan, anyone who sells nicotine electronic cigarette is illegal, so the Japanese electronic cigarette companies are selling electronic cigarette out of nicotine. However, Japanese people can still buy electronic cigarette contain nicotine imported from foreign countries online, or some people would buy electronic cigarette contain nicotine from abroad. In Japanese homeland, to send or sell such electronic cigarette to others is not appropriate. Besides, although such cigarette are not the real cigarette, and to be strictly speaking, smoking in public is not in violation of regulations; people’s recognition to the electronic cigarette is not high, it is easy to cause misunderstanding when used in public places, so the Japanese written in all illustrations of the electronic cigarette: please do not use in public places.

Some public places also have specific provision to electronic cigarette. For example, Hokkaido Railway Company has been forbidden to use electronic cigarette in the train station since May 1, 2009.

In France: there are more and more people smoking the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette in France are new products rising in the latest several years, and the number of electronic cigarette id increasing year by year. The number of people who only smoke electronic cigarette is 30% in the total number of smokers. Most of smokers like to smoke mix, sometimes smoke electronic cigarette, and sometimes turn to traditional cigarette. Overall speaking, the market share is good, but for the electronic cigarette, people still maintain negative attitudes. After all, it is a new product and it is no reliable evidence to prove that such product is no harm to human body, the security of it remains to be determined. The only benefit is that it may have a little bit damage to human body than tar and ash, for a third party they won’t be second-hand smokers.

In order to encourage people to quit smoking completely, French government has ruled that the electronic cigarette and the traditional tobacco is the same, it cannot be less ban for the electronic cigarette.

In Australia: nicotine gum is more popular

In Australia there are electronic cigarettes on the market for sale, but it has a hard stipulation that the liquid of electronic cigarettes shall not contain any nicotine; so far, the Australian companies don’t have any permission to allow to nicotine as the basic component of electronic cigarettes liquid. If it is found that someone supply or use of such ingredients electronic cigarettes, they will confront the public prosecution of Australian relevant offices.

Electronic cigarettes also need to sell in vending point licensed by Australian government. Generally, it sell with about 40 to 50 Australian dollars, may be 200 to 300 yuan. At present, the whole electronic cigarette sales in Australia is not particularly good; because the Australian government is still under discuss whether the electronic cigarette is a good substitute for traditional cigarette. In addition, because in Australia, smoking must be in the open occasions, in a pile of people who holding traditional cigarettes, with electronic cigarette is a little wired.So, there are not many Australian smokers can accept this kind of products at once. What is commonly used in Australia is nicotine which is selling gum many pharmacies, this kind of product will be as a first choice to give up smoking for many Australian people.