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First Brand MJTech Launched


Shenzhen Mingjietong Technology, Co., Ltd is very proud to tell all our customers that we have our first product brand - MJTech.Thanks for your long time trust and support for our company.p

MJTech is a new band designed to smokers and ex-smokers. After long time research and development, MJTech finally announced its presentation into the market. MJTech is aim at meeting smokers’ needs. We have been implementing a policy that seeks mutual development through technology. With technological innovation, high-end techniques, MJTech will serve you superior quality, considerate service, and extraordinary vaping experience: smooth as sunshine, rich as fire.

Do you like to smoke electronic cigarettes, if you do, then it is suggested that you should try MJTech. Shenzhen Mingjietong Technology, Co., Ltd is one of the top world electronic cigarette manufacturers based in China. Shenzhen Mingjietong Technology, Co., Ltd has provided smokers and ex-smokers excellent electronic cigarettes since its foundation. Now, the new band MJTech is coming to you.