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Inside the Vaper's: E-Cig Salvation


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At a wooden bar beneath neon lights, fingers tap. A vial of e-cigarette "juice" pours into a pen-shaped device. With the click of a button, electricity flows, a coil heats, and flavored, diluted, liquid nicotine transforms to a gas. It"s inhaled and exhaled in a vanilla custard nimbus that hovers in the Henley Vaporium in Manhattan. "I"m sure this isn"t good, but it"s a lot better than cigarettes," said Patrick A., a 38- year old commodities options trader who asked only to be identified by his first name.

Indeed, according to a recent study out of England, vaping is 60 percent more effective for quitting cigarettes than nicotine patches, gum, or going cold turkey. "We know cigarettes kill you. And we know what in cigarettes kill you. And we know that vaping does not contain the things in cigarettes that kill you," said Peter Denholtz, co-owner of the Henley Vaporium. Actors and actresses were seen puffing away on e-cigs at tables during the Golden Globes. Don’t you think that electronic cigarettes are fashionable and elegant?

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