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Sunfire E mod - Your New Choice


Sunfire E mod - Your New Choice

MJTech is very proud to introduce the new products Sunfire E mod to all our customers. The Sunfire E mod electronic cigarette is truly the first electronic cigarette that designed to business people, men and women can choose their favorite colors. With its fashionable and charming appearance and its special feelings is one of the best choices for them. All they need to do is just enjoy the extraordinary feelings.

The Sunfire E mod is the newest electronic cigarette product with attractive appearance and amazing functions.

Sunfire E mod atomizer may probable is one of most appropriate choice for electronic cigarette users. In order to give the users a flexible vapor control, the Sunfire E mod has an adjustable system that users can adjust its airflow and voltage.

The users don’t need to be worried about any alternative batteries for this kind of atomizer can match all types of batteries.

Sunfire E mod batteries are very fashionable devices. Its bright colors and concise images are classic and stylish. The power of the battery is 2000mah, which is enough to last a day long or more even for those people who smoke heavy. What is the most fashionable is its LCD device. Through the LCD device, users can see the puffs they smoke and the time the battery can last.

Every time you press the button, the color of the LCD would change including white, red, green blue, purple and teal six colors.

When you charge up, the six colors would be change from one to one.

Pressing the button 5 times is turning off the power, and pressing 5 times the button is turning on the power.

All the items for market exploitation and licensing has prepared, MJTech is looking for long term partners worldwide.