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Big Giveaway!!!


Good News coming!!! In order to thank you for all our costumers’ support to us, MJTech decide to do a big giveaway to all our MJTech fans with our latest and the most popular product Ola x. For the giveaway, we have ten winners this time, yeah, a big giveaway, right? If you are interested in Ola x, come and take an active part in the giveaway, Ola x is near to you. Just Like & Share the post, you will have the chance to win the V/V(3.3V-5.5V) ,Variable Airflow & Passthrough charging MJTech #Olax Starter kit. See 7 patterns of them here at our OLA X product page and the following is several rules, just have a look, and do it, Ola x is yours.

A few rules:
1. Like & Share the post. Get 1 entry. Want get more entries, follow the rules below.
2. Find our Twitter @mjtecig, follow us 1 entry.
Join the #OLAX discussion: Reply or retweet any of the OLAX tweets of MJTech twitter page will get you another 2 entry.
Tweet your opinion of #OLAX on your own twitter and @mjtecig, 3 entries per tweet!!!
3. like our MJTech page. get 1 entry.

Ends on July 25nd. Hurry Up!!! Leave message on our website and tell us which pattern you want. We will send the picked ones to the winners.

Come and join us, take away Ola x!!!