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Electronic Cigarettes are Good to Heart?


      MJTech tells everybody a good news that electronic cigarette has no bad effects on human’s heart compare to tobacco smoking.

      Smoking has been identified as a cause for life-threatening heart diseases a long time ago, but little is known about the effects electronic cigarette use has on the human heart. A team of Greek doctors at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center recently conducted a study, comparing the effects vaping has on acute heart function, compared to smoking. 

      Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos and his team performed echocardiographic examinations on 36 healthy smokers, before and after smoking a tobacco cigarette, and on 40 vapers, before and after using an electronic cigarette for seven minutes. In order to be selected as test subjects for the study, smokers had to be smoking at least 15 cigarettes a day, for at least 5 years, while vapers had to be using e-cigarettes with medium nicotine strength, for at least one month. After measuring several parameters, scientists concluded that while tobacco cigarettes caused a delay in myocardical relaxation, as well as other adverse effects, e-cigarette use had no immediate acute effects on the heart function. “The purpose of this study was to examine the immediate effects of electronic cigarette use on left ventricular (LV) function, compared to the well-documented acute adverse effects of smoking,” the study authors wrote in its abstract. After interpreting their findings, they concluded that “this study provides the first clinical evidence that electronic cigarettes have less acute adverse effects on myocardial function when compared to tobacco cigarettes.” 
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