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MJTech Welcomes Global Distributors


Hey, everybody. Please eyes on MJTech. Here MJTech announce exciting good news to you: MJTech decide to welcome global distributors. And we make policy for our distributors as following.

1.     All distributors have to be agent for MJTECH products, and the authorized documents and distributor certificate will be provided by MJTECH.

2.     MJTECH will offer attactive rebate for assigned distributors when meet a sales target and also financial support for marketing promotion.

3.     To make sure distributors’ orders can be delivered on time; their orders get priority in the production.

4.     Marketing integration strategy: MJTECH will show every distributor’s sales outlets on its official website and help promote distributors on Facebook, Yutube and twitter.

5.     MJTECH guaranteed that there will not be chaotic prices in the market.

If you are interested in us, or your friends want to be a distributor of our products, please contact us. We are sincerely inviting you to join us.