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E-Smart Kit,E-Smart E Cigarette,E-Smart Starter Kits

E-Smart Kit

Price:  $9.90


grayness, red, black, blue, white, pink, purple, yellow


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blue, red, black, green, white

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E-Smart Kit is
smart elegant and beautiful. It is specially designed for ladies. E-Smart e
cigarette’s slim shape really matches with the fingers of ladies. It can
produce huge vapor and have good taste. 
clearomizer can contain 1.3ml e-juice and has a food-grade tube. 
E-Smart battery
has slim shape really matches with the fingers of ladies, which is specially
designed for ladies. 
Elegant and
perfect appearance with high-quality, best e cig for ladies. Manual battery
with 5 clicks On/Off, which prevents the battery from accidental activation.
Sparkling zircon button, better control. 
Clearomizer Different
colors for you to choose. 
battery colors 
Clearomzier Capacity:1.3ml
Battery: 320mah

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