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eGo CE4 Kit

Price:  $9.90


red,black,blue,white,purple,pink,green, yellow


Battery Color:

red, black, blue, white, purple, pink, green

Battery Capacity:

650mah, 900mah, 1100mah

Package Option:

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Note: This item only sale by bulk, Please online inquiry our salers to get the wholesale price.

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eGo CE4 kit is
the most popular e-cigarette starter kit. Many people like and familiar with
it. CE4 clearomizer is top coil with wicks and eGo battery has simple design
but very practical. 

CE4 clearomizer
generates thick vapor, which enhance a great deal of vaping excitement. Nice
shape, stylish design, excellent throat hit. Heating coil detachable and
replaceable, easy to wash up. 
eGo battery has
650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh for choice. 
Clearomizer Colors for option 
Different colors
for ego battery 
Clearomzier Capacity:1.6ml
Battery:650mah; 900mah; 1100mah.

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