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EGo VV Battery

Price:  $9.90


blue, white, purple, black, green, red, silver, pink, gold


Battery Color:

650mah, 900mah, 1100mah

Battery Capacity:

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eGo VV stands
for variable voltage. Although you can find some more popular models with
similar functions. Fashionable design and comfortable hand feel.
Battery capacity is 650mah,900mah,1100mah. 
voltage, vapor volume can be controlled. 3 colors for different voltage . 4.2V-Blue, 3.7V-Purple, 3.2V-Red. LCD screen shows battery status. 
Colors for
Dimension:650mah-Φ14.0mm*140mm/36.2g/ 650±50puffs
900mah-Φ14.0mm*162mm/42.6g/ 900±50puffs
1100mah-Φ14.0mm*140mm/36.2g/ 1100±50puffs
Battery capacity:650mah, 900mah, 1100mah
Power display:LED light

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