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MJTech OLA X,MJTech OLA X Battery,MJTech OLA X  E-Cig Battery

OLA X Battery

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900mAh|0, 1300mAh|1, 1600mAh|2

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OLA X battery is
a built-in lithium battery which builds on the considerable success of the tip
adjustable voltage. Its output wattage can up to 5.5V, which ensures a huge
vapor to you. The battery has 900mah, 1300mah and 1600mah options.

OLA battery
built with top adjustable voltage ring can be rotated clockwise or
counterclockwise from 3.3V to 5.5V. The white dot indicates you the right data
you want. 
OLA X battery
adopts 510 thread which improves the compatibility greatly as spare parts.
Stylish ellipse
design power button. By press the power button five times in two seconds to
turn on and off the battery. 
Top and bottom
charging methods ease you from long time waiting for battery charging. 
Battery power
capacity indicator lights:Blue color
indicates a remaining 70%-100% battery power.Blue and Red
mixture color indicates 30-70% battery power.Red color
indicates 0-30% battery power. 
7 design choices
for OLA X batteries. 

Dimension:119(L)*16.5(D)mm (1300mAh)
124(L)*16.5(D)mm (1600mAh)
Battery Capacity:1300mAh/1600mAh
Variable Voltage Range:3.3V-5.5V
Charging Voltage (input):4.2V/420mAh (Top)
5.0V/500mAh (Bottom USB port)
Maximum Output Current:5.0A
Resistance:1.8ohm (Minimum resistance compatible is 1.0 ohm)
Power Display:LED light

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