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Tomahawk Kit

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 The utmost cool
e-cigarette kit you want. Tomahawk start kit comes with Tomahawk battery and
Sunfire E Mod Ⅱ clearomizer
which are all top brand product from MJTech. Sunfire E Mod Ⅱ clearomizer arms with Pyrex glass and 1.8 ohm
resistance heating coil and 2.8ml capacity while Tomahawk a bomb like wattage
adjustable mod which is a perfect combination.
 Sunfire E Mod Ⅱ clearomizer has food grade steel and a
durable pyrex glass tank. The tank can hold 2.8ml of e-liquid, so you can vape
your favorite e-liquid longer. The equipped dual coil heating core make the
clearomizer a more flavorful vape. Also, the improved airflow ring helps you to
control the vape flow easily.
Tomahawk is just
like a bomb , the bomb shape will give many people a very special feeling and
experience. Using high drain 18350 (700-900mAh) battery, Tomahawk battery can
support lowest to 1.0 ohm resistance. The rotational wheel adjusts wattage to
Wattage, the rotational wheel adjusts wattage to the following: 7.0, 8.0, 9.0,
10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 13.0 
Airflow is adjustable by twist the airflow
dial. Easy operation, nice flavor, huge vapor! 
E-juice Filling holes. Take off the drip tip and
top cap, there are 2 inlets hole on the clearomizer, use a needle e-liquid
bottle to fill it in. Also can be filled from the bottom. 
Three different colors for your choice 

Clearomzier Capacity:2.8ml
Coil:Bottom Dual Core
Scale adjust Voltage (output):7V-13v
Charging Voltage (input):5.0A (Built in 7A for protection and stability.)
Battery capacity:18350Amh (Not Include)
Power display:LED light

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